SongRepo is a free music service built to be as simple as possible. It brings together multiple tools to provide one place for all your music needs. In addition, SongRepo is a social network and a safe haven for music lovers to connect.
Back in the days of polyphonic ringtones, when the best way to get music was to wait for what seemed like an eternity for your friend to transfer a file to your phone over infrared and the Internet was full of crappy flash games and low quality videos, there was a serious lack of free music services which actually delivered on their promises. Either you'd be faced with popups, malware, and hidden fees, or you would simply never find the track you wanted.
I was already running a social network called "ColdCast" which tried to bring together all the good things the web had to offer. Social networking, video sharing, classifieds, live chat, image sharing and so on. But it wasn't until I implemented a little flash widget called "Dizzler", which offered basic music search and play, that I realized I was in the wrong game. The music section alone accounted for over 90% of my traffic and I soon lost interest in the rest of the site.
A few months later I shut down ColdCast and launched SongZilla, a dedicated music website which allowed users to quickly find, play and download any track they could think of in a clean, user-friendly environment. But most importantly, it worked properly and was 100% free. Needless to say, it was a hit! But the popularity caused big problems. I was inexperienced with high volumes of traffic and failed to properly optimize my code for scalability. Within 6 months, SongZilla crashed and never recovered. I took what I had learned from my experience, and got to work on a new project.
On January 1st, 2012, SongRepo was announced. Many versions have come and gone since then, and what you see before you is the result. But development is far from over as I am constantly working on new features and improvements with no end in sight. Who knows where it will end up...